Welcome to Hinde St Online Worship

To take part in our Morning Worship every Sunday at 11am, follow these instructions:

Using a computer/mobile phone/tablet, just click this link any time after 10.30am on Sunday. You may want to do this a little in advance to make sure the software works. The service will start as normal at 11am.


– You may see a message saying “Join a meeting”. If you do, click it and enter the code 518297123
– You may see messages saying  “Do you want to allow this page to open zoom.us?” If you do, click “Allow”.
– You may also see messages which ask you to “Download & run Zoom” or “First time user?”. Click those links if prompted. After installing the Zoom software, you might be asked for a code for this meeting. The code is 518297123

Using a normal phone, you will be able to hear the service. Ring 020 8080 6591, and when asked for a meeting ID, enter this number on your keypad: 518 297 123 followed by #

Special Easter services

Maundy Thursday at 7pm
The link to take part from computers and mobile phones is:
The dial-in phone number is the same as normal – 020 8080 6591 – and the code you will need to enter is 369 696 545 followed by #

Good Friday at 2pm to 3pm
The link for computers and mobile phones is
The dial-in phone number is the same as normal – 020 8080 6591 – and the code you will need to enter is 660 528 677

Easter Day at 11am
Use the details as above for regular Sunday worship

Some things to note: 
1. This ‘Zoom event’ will be primarily with people you know, but there may be other people taking part who you don’t know. Visitors are always welcome! But everyone should be aware that names appear on the screen – you are given an option to choose which name you would like to be displayed. No-one will have access to your computer beyond the Zoom event, but be mindful of who you are talking to and what you say about yourself. There is a ‘chat’ feature on Zoom, which will be available after the service. Again, be aware of who you are talking to as you would in church.  
2. If you are joining the worship using the live video link, please be aware everyone can see you! They can also see the room behind you as it appears on the screen. You may wish to avoid photos appearing on screen which are in your room of children, or any other information which may reveal your location.
3. Children joining this Zoom worship should be accompanied by an adult at all times.
4. You can join Zoom on the computer and only use the ‘sound’ access and not ‘video’. Your chosen name will still appear as present.
5. When you join the worship, you will be on mute.
6. The recording of the whole event will be available on this page afterwards.

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